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Montessori Parenting: Notes from a Montessori Directress and Lecturer

by Lydia Englesmith (Author), Suzelle Englesmith Poole (Author)

The Montessori Method has achieved international fame for good reason. It has proven to be unsurpassed in the development quality of young children. Now, for the first time, parents can learn how these methods work, the philosophy behind them, and how other more conventional ways of raising children that have very disappointing results can be avoided.It is important to encourage intellectual exploration and learning at the proper pace for each child. Pushing children to learn things that are beyond their present capabilities has bad results, just as holding back children from advancements of which they are capable stifles their spirit and enthusiasm. Now parents can learn how these valuable methods can help them understand and help their children at home.This book consists of notebook entries made over many years by Lydia Englesmith, AMI. Mrs. Englesmith has been a Montessori Directress and lecturer in many countries, and has worked closely with Mario Montessori, Maria Montessori’s son. Madame Suzelle Englesmith Poole, daughter of Mrs. Englesmith, has collected these notes, and is having them published in the hope that her mother’s knowledge and techniques can help today’s families grow and prosper together.

HGH Gel: The Safe and Practical Somatropin Human Growth Hormone

Author: John Choisser

Can human growth hormone replacement therapy slow, or even reverse, some of the symptoms of aging? Decades of research, including double-blind studies, have shown that hormone replacement using somatropin (the human growth hormone) therapy can offset many of the effects of aging. Furthermore, an outstanding feature of HGH replacement has shown that in small, natural doses, no side effects have been observed. And as we will see, low-dose high-frequency (LDHF) protocols have been shown to be particularly effective, mimicking the action of the natural secretion of the hormone in our younger years.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Empowered Leadership: Proven Strategies to Engage Employees, Inspire High Performance and Increase Sales Without Micromanaging

Authors: Kathryn Dager and Danielle Isaac

Picture this. What would it be like if you had a team of self-motivated employees who are just as passionate about your business as you are? What if they were your idea machine, inventing and implementing new ideas to take your business to a new level? What if your team could solve all their own problems and even train themselves to do their own jobs? It’s all possible! When we empower employees the right way, everyone’s jobs get much more interesting and fun, including yours. Frankly there is no better way to run a business.

Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine: Wine Pairing for Cheap People

Authors: Craig Choisser and John Choisser

Swirl the glass and examine the color. Check the nose, a slight inhalation that activates the taste buds. Fruit forward? No. Gym sock. Battery acid. Overtones of regret and shame. Now what? Don’t toss it, make it work for you with “Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine.” Easy, fun and delicious recipes that make wine pairing something we can all experience, no matter how cheap we are. And they also go with beer, should it come to that.

Learn more about this book here.

Standing Tall: The Healing Power of Gratitude

Author: Shelly Kerchner

Standing Tall is Shelly Kerchner’s story of overcoming adversity through maintaining an attitude of patience, gratitude, and grit. This is a story of love, faith, determination, and healing. Shelly has suffered from alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, and paralysis from the neck down. Gratitude for what she had left gave her strength and courage to overcome the pessimistic views of her medical advisers and, with the help of braces, finally stand tall on her own. Today she is still working hard and improving her condition. Her hope is that her story will give hope to others with spinal cord injuries, teaching them to celebrate each small achievement.

Learn more about this book and author here.

Infinite Value 4 Students: Learn How a Worthless Loser Learned to Embrace His INFINITE VALUE both Inside and Outside the Classroom

Author: Taiwan Holmes 

After repeated beatings, which started when I was in Kindergarten, I learned two certainties in life: I was worthless and I was unlovable. These beliefs permeated every aspect of my life from my family, to the classroom, and on to the basketball court. It followed me beyond school into my professional life, and even my new family, I became BLIND to the value that was in me, and the value that I could truly add to the world around me.

Jim Rohn said, “It is more important to work harder on yourself, than you do on your job.” IV4S reveals my journey as I worked to shine a light through the blindness of my value both inside and out of the classroom. The journey has uncovered one of the greatest truths the world has ever known. First and foremost, I am INFINITELY VALUABLE. The second discovery is the fact that there is an INFINITE amount of VALUE that I can add to the world around me.

As a student and professional, I believed that my value was conditional. If I did well on a test, my value increased by 1 point. But if I had a bad basketball game, it decreased by 1,378 points.

In a professional setting, you are only as good as your last sale or accomplishment. Fortunately, my journey revealed the reality that my value isn’t conditional or static, but it is accumulating. As humans, we are the summation of all of our life experiences. It is that ever increasing minute by minute, second by second total that ultimately calculates your True Market Value.

Once I was able to correctly calculate my Inherent Value, I was then able to more clearly decide what type of value that I would like to add to the marketplace and society. During my blindness, I could only see the value that I could add to someone else’s company, through telling their story. The journey you are about to read is the First revelation of the Infinite amount of Value that I will add to the marketplace through telling my story and sharing my talents.

When you choose to read this book in its entirety, I promise you that you will have a mirror to see both your Inherent Value and the Value that you will be able to add to the world around you. (Spoiler Alert: They are Both INFINITE!). You will be provided with tools and resources that I didn’t have when I was a kid and student that will aid you uncovering your True Value even sooner. (It took me over 30 years).

I could tell you to read this book to benefit yourself, but that would be too finite. You should read this book for the thousands upon thousands of people that your life will add Value to once you do. Another important reality that I learned on this journey is “It’s not ONLY about me!” If it was only about me, then the tough times that I went through would really suck (not that it didn’t hurt at the time, because it did). There are lives that I will be able to add value to, because I went through my beatings. And that is why I write. There are thousands of lives around this planet right now that are waiting to be helped by your experiences. My journey can show you a path to be able to reach the people you are supposed to add your INFINITE VALUE to.

Pressure Oven Recipes from the Cooking Dude: Prepare Delicious and Healthful Meals in Minutes

Author: John Choisser

 Recipes for Wolfgang Puck’s Pressure Oven. Prepare Delicious Meals in Minutes — Save Lots of Time and Energy!

Chef Wolfgang Puck has invented a great kitchen appliance that will change the way you cook forever! Adding pressure to the oven cooks faster, while the food retains more moisture. Easy to install, and easy to use, the Cooking Dude loved it from the start. This book has lots of tips for using the oven, plus recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts — some adapted from Cooking Dude’s famous recipes, like his World Famous Meat Loaf. Some meals take as little as a few minutes.

Having company over? Make the elegant 40 Clove of Garlic Chicken shown on the cover — and save nearly a half hour. How about some Sticky Monkey Bread for breakfast? Or a gorgeous Crisp Quesadilla in minutes?

Even if you don’t have your pressure oven yet (get with it!) any one of these recipes is well worth the price of the book, even if they do take longer in your conventional oven, using more electricity, time, energy, and heat in the kitchen. Just sayin’…..

Learn more about Cooking Dude here.

Losing Butch: A Novelette Based on a Real Life

Author: John Choisser

How fast things can change. In a heartbeat, a nearly perfect family is damaged, and eventually destroyed, by events outside of their control. And then, little by little, over a span of many years, Butch experienced loss after loss, and found that he was losing everything that was important to him. Eventually, perhaps accelerated by his prescribed medicines, he couldn’t take it anymore.

Color in Your Home: Using Paint and Fabrics to Enhance Your Interior Design

Author: Coleen Choisser

This book, written by an experienced and internationally-published interior designer, explains how to choose color in paint, fabrics, rugs, and accessories for your home. The book contains over 80 photographs of her work, with explanations of how colors are chosen and how to find your favorite colors. The effect of light is explained, and how natural and artificial light differ. Coleen also explains the different types of paint, and the uses of various paint finishes. This book is a must for anyone planning to upgrade their residence, or who plans to fix up a house for resale.

Learn more about this book and author here.

MH370 Lost in the Dark Updated: In Defense of the Pilots; an Engineer’s Perspective, Fourth Edition

Author: John Choisser

A Flaperon is Found! What Does This Mean In The Case Of Flight MH370

 Missing flight Malaysian flight MH370 is in the news again. If true, what does the discovery of the FBI data missing from the accident report mean in the search for the airplane?

In the Fourth Edition of this highly-rated book (over 40 reviews averaging 4.5 stars) the author describes the impact the pilot’s simulator flights that mimic the actual path have on the cause of the accident, and that the present search area is off by 100 miles.

Many people assume that terrorists or suicidal pilots must be involved. In Malaysia Flight MH370 Lost in the Dark, author, engineer, and U.S. Air Force veteran John Choisser proposes a radically different theory of what happened that day. Choisser walks readers through his detailed research of the information available as he plots out a scenario of a rare accident that exonerates both pilots. However in this Fourth Edition, he adds to it the possibility that the accident could also have been a mass murder and suicide in disguise.

Readers of this book will get to explore the fascinating and tragic disappearance of Flight MH370 like never before. Those who want to educate themselves and come to their own conclusions will appreciate Choisser’s in-depth analysis of the Boeing 777’s various systems. Choisser also tackles some of the most puzzling mysteries surround Flight MH370, like:

>>> Why didn’t the passengers answer their cell phones?
>>> Could someone have hidden in the cargo bay?
>>> Could the airplane have flown by itself?
>>> Could someone have hacked the plane and operated it externally?

Choisser’s short and engaging book is a must-read for anyone who wants to cut through all the confusion and wild conspiracy theories in order to realistically evaluate what truly could have happened to Flight MH370. Choisser’s intriguing hypothesis will also make readers think twice about the blame and speculation that has swirled around the flight’s two pilots.

Until Flight MH370 is found the truth cannot be known, but Malaysia Flight MH370 Lost in the Dark, provides a provocative answer that deserves attention and consideration.

What Readers Are Saying About Lost in the Dark:

>>> “A very insightful and very well-researched read!”
>>> “Offers more light on the likeliest causes than any other information I have read.”
>>>”There are so many uneducated rumors out there and this book provides an intellectual compass to help navigate through the effluent of so called expert opinions out there.”
>>> “It’s refreshing to read a perspective that is not based on making headlines and/or proving a point. Very good read.”

Grandpa, Tell Us About Phi, the Golden Number: Explore the amazing connection between nature and math!

Author: John Choisser

This is a book for people from 9 to 90 who like surprises. And beauty. My intention is to show the beauty in both nature and mathematics, with some surprising connections that will make you stop and think. With this and future books, I want to foster curiosity, particularly in young people who might now see beyond boring or dull school subjects into a new world of science, physics, engineering, and math.

In this book, Grandpa and his grandchildren embark on an adventure into the fascinating connection between nature and a number called phi (ϕ). Phi is also called the Golden Number, the Golden Ratio, the Golden Section, and the Divine Proportion. It is an irrational number, like pi (π), and its value is approximately 1.618.

One of the interesting facts about phi is its relationship to the famous Fibonacci series and to the beautiful logarithmic spiral, one of the most beautiful shapes in nature. Grandpa and the children find Fibonacci numbers in the numbers of flower petals, the number of spirals on pine cones and pineapples, the shape of seashells, the genealogy of bees, how falcons attack their prey, the shape of soccer balls, and more. From the structure of a carbon crystal, to the spiral one sees in distant galaxies, phi is pervasive throughout nature. And over recorded history, it has had an effect on science, religion, astronomy, mathematics, art, and architecture.

I hope that this book results in a few young people realizing that the wonders of nature and mathematics are worth more exploration and that because of that, our society gains a few good engineers, physicists, and natural scientists.

Tabletop Aquaponics — for Homes, Schools, Churches, Clubs, and Science Fairs: Enjoy Learning to Grow Your Own Food

Author: John Choisser

A great hands-on project for homes, classrooms, clubs, churches, and science projects.

We humans are a smart, innovative, and creative bunch. These skills will help us as we face some big challenges in the future like feeding a growing population, taking care of the environment, and conserving water. Teachers, parents, club leaders, and science enthusiasts can help foster these important skills in children and in themselves in a fun, fascinating, and hands-on way by building a tabletop aquaponics system.

Aquaponics is the science of growing fish and plants together in a mutually-supportive environment, and now you can create an aquaponics system in your home! In Tabletop Aquaponics, engineer and author John Choisser walks readers through the process of setting up their own tabletop aquaponics system that is virtually self-sustaining. For a few hundred dollars (or less, if you’re a decent scrounger), this tabletop aquaponic system will provide hours of fun and learning during its construction and set-up, while promoting responsibility in caring for the fish and plants as they grow. As a bonus, you get to eat the tasty, organic vegetables your system produces.

Throughout the book Choisser shares images of his own functioning aquaponics systems to show readers exactly what the finished project could look like. Choisser’s friendly and accessible manual is a perfect aquaponics introduction to beginners ages 10 and up. No prior experience necessary in aquaponics, hydroponics, or aquaculture.

The book includes:

>>> An introduction to aquaponics
>>> A student-friendly explanation of the biology, chemistry, botany and physics behind aquaponics
>>> A step-by-step guide to setting up your aquaponics system
>>> Shopping lists for all the supplies you’ll need for your system
>>> Care guides for your fish and plants
>>> Optional discussion points for curious students
>>> Images of real, functioning aquaponics systems

This book can help any student fall in love with science and conservation as they watch their fish thrive and their plants grow. Tabletop Aquaponics is perfect for the home or the classroom and can be a great summer project, group project, or science project.

See what readers say about Tabletop Aquaponics:

>>> “John’s materials are clear and easy to understand. Highly recommended.”
>>> “Simple and informative…I can think of so many places to share! Schools, churches, kids and adults.”
>>> “I found it very useful and I can’t wait to test it.”
>>> “If I could give this book 10 stars, I would!”

 If you are interested in learning how to build larger aquaponic systems, please the the author’s book “Backyard Aquaponics”, also available on Amazon.

Backyard Aquaponics — Grow Your Own Food: Harvest Fish and Vegetables and Recycle the Water

Author: John Choisser

How to Build Aquaponic Systems to Grow Your Own Food

Aquaponics systems can provide healthful and plentiful food, even where water is scarce. Compared with conventional methods, it has several advantages:

•Organic vegetables with high yields in small space
•Protein, in the form of fish whose nutrition you control
•Water conservation (90% water savings over conventional farming)
•No pesticides needed
•No herbicides needed
•Local food production

There are two primary purposes for this book; first, to educate people about the promise aquaponics has for efficient and healthful food production, especially where water is scarce, and, second, to provide enough details for the reader to design the kind of system needed and where the resources can be found for building them for homes, organizations, and neighborhoods.

The book includes detailed information about the fish, the plants, the irrigation schemes, and other knowledge needed for the successful design and implementation of systems of various sizes.

The book describes greenhouses, outdoor ponds, and even an aquaponic lawn as illustrations of the variety of system designs that can be built. Over 50 illustrations show you the components, designs, and finished small farms.

The author believes the world needs to more fully appreciate the benefits of aquaponics. Better food, less water, local production, and smaller spaces used. Better for your health, and better for your environment.

This book is the natural follow-on to his best-selling book “Tabletop Aquaponics” which covers small systems suitable for family rooms, porches, and science projects. This new book is for larger systems capable of feeding families, neighborhoods, or organizations. Very large commercial aquaponic systems are described in this book for background information, but their design is beyond the scope of this book.

Learn more about Cooking Dude here.

Mexican Cooking Dude Cookbook – Authentic Mexican Recipes from Mexico and the American Southwest

Author: John Choisser

This book contains real Mexican recipes, complete with photos and instructions. Recipes include pinto beans, tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, refried beans, arrachera steak, fish tacos, and more. Many of the Mexican recipes include interesting stories about their origination and history. This is a perfect cookbook for beginners, those learning to cook, and experts who are looking for special dishes.

Learn more about Cooking Dude here.

Age at Home: How to Modify a Home for Senior Living

Author: Coleen Choisser and John Choisser

An Experienced Interior Designer Helps You Avoid or Postpone the Expense of Elder Care Facilities.

The need to care for an aging parent or other loved one is becoming more common every day. Care facilities are very expensive, so delaying or eliminating that expense is very worthwhile.

Modifying either their home or yours to accommodate their needs can be expensive. This book contains tips, some of which are very inexpensive, that can make the process more manageable.

The authors have been there, done that. Not only for their clients, but for five of their own parents and step-parents. Here they share the lessons learned, along with numerous tips and references to help make this transition more manageable in terms of safety, money, and emotional stress on all involved.

Learn more about this book and author here.

Grandpa, When Do We Say Me, Myself, or I?: Let’s Stamp Out Grammar Demons!

Author: John Choisser

Every day, we hear things like “Myself and Fred went to the game” or “Me and Joe sold the tickets”. Or “Please join my wife and myself for dinner”. Yikes.

Confusion over the words “I” and “me” usually result in the horrible misuse of the word “myself”. It’s not that hard! Get it right! Don’t sound uneducated in an interview! Or on the air!

News broadcasters with millions of viewers get it wrong all the time.

In this Grandpa book, he helps the grandkids learn some easy-to-remember tips for these and other common Grammar Demons. “Lie” and “Lay”? “Who” and “Whom”? All these and more Grammar Demons are covered, along with simple quizzes and answers.

Amplified Agility — The Journey Back: Can Spinal Cord Injuries Be Healed?

Author: Kay Lathrop

Up until recently, the thought of witnessing someone with a cervical spine injury walking again has been something only seen in fantasy or science fiction movies. Even those with partial paralysis (from the legs down, for instance), have been resigned to the fact that their wheelchair would be their only means of mobility for the rest of their lives. But something amazing is happening, something that is neither from the movies or simply a hopeful dream.

More people are “defying the odds”. And over the past 25 plus years, Dr. Peter Lathrop, a neuro-physiologist ( Neuro-physiology) and a Psychotherapist (Master’s Degree in Psychology) in La Jolla, California, has developed and continued to improve upon a paralysis and spinal cord injury recovery program that actually helps individuals regain significant sensory and motor functions. And even better, it has helped many people to ultimately become more mobile, if not walk again.

The Three Creations: Reconciling Science and Religion

Author: Ray Menegus

Science and Religion Can Reconcile their Differences!

 In this book, Ray Menegus, a mathematician and Christian, uses his knowledge of philosophy, science, and religion to argue the case that the apparent conflicts between Science and Religion are resolvable.
First, it is necessary for each to understand where the other is coming from, and to eliminate the knee-jerk inflammatory speech from their dialog.

Second, it is necessary for people of faith to understand some fundamental physics of nature, and to recognize that interpretation of Genesis can be framed in scientific terms.

Third, it is necessary for the scientist, who must be firmly planted in the laboratory of the real world, to recognize that there are several distinct steps in Creation that can only be explained by an overall design, whether it refers to a Designer, Creator, or God.

By flawless logic, Menegus shows three distinct times in the history of the universe when some sort of divine intervention must have occurred. These three events are difficult or impossible for the true scientist to ignore, or to explain. An analysis of these three fundamental mysteries of science form the basis for this book.

People who lean toward one side or the other, or even those that straddle the fence, will find this book serious fodder for thought and discussion.


Ground Beef Cooking Dude Cookbook; World’s Best Meatloaf Recipe and Other Favorite Economical Meals

Author: John Choisser

This cookbook contains original ground beef and hamburger recipes by the Cooking Dude. These are economical meals that are easy to fix, and many of them are good enough for company. Recipes include meat loaf, Stroganoff, stuffed bell peppers, tamale pie, and many others. Exotic or hard-to-find ingredients are not used, and methods are taught as they are needed. The Cooking Dude cook books are great for beginners that are learning to cook, as well as experts looking for new, creative recipes.

Learn more about Cooking Dude here.

Learn to Cook 101 – Step-by-Step Cooking Lessons for All Ages

Author: John Choisser

Here’s where you start learning to cook! Step by step, you are going to learn what you need to know to cook for yourself and others. But even if you are already an experienced cook, you might still want to browse through the beginning pages. You could learn something that makes you a better cook!
We start simple, and progress in easy steps. Before you know it, you will feel comfortable in the kitchen, willing to try new recipes, and even to modify them to your taste. Some of the lessons are very detailed, and you more experienced cooks might think I’m overdoing it. But remember how it was when you first learned, and realize that I’m helping novices learn from scratch. You can speed-read or skip over the stuff that you already know.

With each lesson, I’ll tell you what you need to have on hand, what you are going to learn, how long it will take, how to do it, and what results you should expect. Plus, each lesson will result in one or more simple recipes so you can immediately use what you have learned.

You are also going to learn to cook without being hogtied to recipes. You will be able to look in the fridge or pantry and figure out what you can make with what you have on hand. For example, breakfast is a great time for me to use up leftovers. And I get the best breakfasts in town, right on the spur of the moment. And without any recipes, just learning to use the basic skills you’ll learn here.

But it is also important to know that sometimes recipes need to be followed exactly. Especially when baking, ¼ of a teaspoon is specified for a very good reason. I’ll try to make you generally aware of when it’s ok to wing it and when it’s not.

We’re going to start learning to boil water, and to make something useful from it we’ll boil some eggs; soft boiled, hard boiled, and even coddled. Then use those eggs for egg salad, deviled eggs, and the Original Caesar Salad, using Caesar’s own recipe as told by his widow.

Then we’ll learn how to make tuna salad, learn to cook pasta, and how to use the oven for baking and roasting. We’ll cover frying, poaching, boiling, baking, barbequing, grilling, roasting, and sautéing. You’ll make cheeseburgers, French fries, macaroni and cheese, salads, and other “fast food”. You’ll also learn to make Mexican, Italian, and other ethnic dishes, and special dinners for dates and company, like prime rib or poached salmon with orange tarragon sauce.

While I’m at it, I’m going to cover some other topics you might have missed in your earlier days: how to set the table, how to carve a turkey, how to chop up an onion, cutting up chickens, how to plan a meal, defrosting stuff, and so forth.

Which napkin is yours? What the heck, you want to feel comfortable when the boss or a date takes you out to a fancy restaurant, don’t you? Before you put some bread on a bread plate, you better know which plate is for you!

The last part of the book is for reference. There you can find help if you’re facing an empty kitchen that’s a strange land to you. How to outfit the kitchen with pots and pans, spices and herbs, kitchen tools, and other things you’ll need to get started, like how to start with an empty pantry or fridge. There are also some helpful tips, such as disaster recovery (how to correct some kitchen mistakes), kitchen safety, and weights and measures.

The sections on seasoning, herbs, and spices will be of interest to nearly all cooks, regardless of their experience.

I’ve added links back to the Table of Contents throughout the book to make it easy for you to jump around in the book as you use it. I realize that most eBook readers allow this already, but this way this feature is always available. They look like this: TOC

The important thing is to have fun and don’t obsess over perfection. After a few lessons, you’ll be able to cut down on take-out food, eat better, and save money!

Let’s get started!

Learn more about Cooking Dude here.

How to Build a Hanging Garden for your Balcony, Deck, Patio, or Sunroom

Author: John Choisser

This book will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a garden that you can have almost anywhere. It’s a Hanging Garden that will fit on your porch, your balcony, or under your eaves. The cost of the materials is less than $100, even if you have to buy all the parts. If you’re a decent scrounger, you can get by for even less. And if you want to grow more stuff, just make an additional garden, or a larger one.

Why is it hanging? That’s so it can be vertical, saving space, without needing a strong structure that will keep it from tipping over. Each tier drips onto the tier below, making the most efficient use of water. You can put a basin under the bottom to catch the last drips.

Even if you have a back yard, like I do, you can now have a garden without digging up your yard or flower beds. No picks and shovels. No weeds, no hoes. No grass invasions. No rabbits. No cats and dogs digging. No stooping, bending, and kneeling. And, a benefit I didn’t expect, having the plants at eye level when you care for and harvest them without having to crawl around on the ground!

So now, just a few steps outside your kitchen, your can get your fresh chives, cilantro, basil, little lettuces, strawberries, and tomatoes without going out into the rain (or blazing sun, depending on where you live).

It seems like I’ve always had some sort of garden just about everywhere I’ve lived. But it’s always been about more than saving money, or having fresher veggies, or even the convenience. To me, there’s some kind of mysterious internal pleasure in growing things. Maybe it’s the witnessing the miracle of a seed turning into a plant. Or the fun of sharing the experience with others. Whatever it is, I like it, and I hope this little book will help others enjoy gardening even on a balcony in the big city!

Sauce by the Cooking Dude Cookbook — Recipes for Sauces that Improve Any Meal

Author: John Choisser

This book describes how you can make delicious sauces that will dress up nearly any dish. As you would expect from the Cooking Dude, this book is fun, informative, and will teach you techniques as well as show you recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo, so you can see what the results should look like. Recipes include tomato sauces, remoulade, bbq sauces, and cocktail sauces. Learn to make foolproof delicious gravy, with or without meat, for any occasion.

Learn more about Cooking Dude here.

Bioelectric Systems: What is Electromedicine?

Author: Dr. Peter H. Lathrop, Ph.D.

An Alternate to Needles, Drugs, and Surgery

Most of us think of medicine as needles, drugs, and surgery. Those three things are all we need. We need to become addicted to drugs, we need to have marks on our skin from needles and scars from the surgery that is performed to take care of the problems we have. This is called allopathic medicine. It’s standard medicine. That’s what’s practiced in America, unlike Europe, Russia, or Canada, where they are a bit more progressive. This book is about the field of electromedicine. 

Modern electromedicine was invented in 1979 in America and sold worldwide. It started at Medtronic, the way it’s practiced today in America. At Medtronic, in 1979, the author and others invented, designed, and put out to the world the first TENS unit. It was a small electrical device the size of a packet of cigarettes with wires and electrodes which, when attached to the body in an area of pain, stopped the pain signal. Medtronic sold 56 million of them from 1981- 1984.

Other companies since then have sold millions more, yet the author still keeps getting asked the question, Why is this so new and why haven’t I heard of it before? It’s because it’s suppressed. There’s a better way to do things than needles, drugs, pills, pharmaceuticals, and surgery.

The old/new field of electromedicine kind of goes like this: It is a field of medicine wherein equipment is designed which interacts with the body electronically. The human body is an electro-chemical system. It operates on an electric circuit. The body is an electric circuit. These circuits, the nodes of these circuits, are cells. The body is full of billions of cells. Each cell is an electrical piece. It has a positive and a negative charge. They’re called ions and they circle the cell. They’re in the aqueous fluid around the cell and they’re positively charged, negatively charged, neutrally charged, depending on the function of the cell.

This book explains the fundamentals of electromedicine and how it works. Other books by this author go into much more detail, and are given as references for those who need more detail.

Warrior Mom

Author: Kay Ledson

“That’s the problem — mothers like you,” the surgeon said.

But rather than accept that her 18 year old son would spend the rest of his life in bed, Kay built and managed a team of healers that worked on Josh immediately after his accident.

This is Kay’s story, told by her in her own words. The mental, physical, and financial stress that comes with those with spinal cord injuries and their families is something most of us can only imagine. How Kay and her team helped Josh not only get out of bed, but actually walk unaided again is a story of hope and inspiration to all.

Josh has called on all his athletic abilities and strengths to battle the paralysis, and, even now, living with unending pain, maintains a strict health regimen of exercise and diet.

The author is careful to point out that everyone and every injury is different, and not all patients will have the same results. But the important thing is to have HOPE, which was entirely lacking from the medical staff. The injured should be encouraged to try, in hopes that little by little some functions may be regained.

This book is important for everyone to read. First of all, one never knows when one’s life will be changed in an instant, and at that point it is too late to make insurance purchases that could have prevented financial disaster. Second, Kay and Josh’s experiences will make everyone appreciate what they have, and how precious a normal life is.

Favorite Chicken Recipes from the Cooking Dude: Easy, Nutritious, Delicious Economical Meals

Author: John Choisser

More Great Recipes from the Cooking Dude!

In this cookbook, the Cooking Dude teaches you how to make a variety of delicious and nutritious chicken recipes. Recipes for Italian, French, Chinese, and American traditional dishes are included that are suitable for both casual meals and elegant dining.

Every recipe has at least one large color photo, and most have several. In the Cooking Dude tradition, you get to see the methods as well as descriptions of the ingredients and preparation steps.

The book has many links to outside references, particularly for side dishes and cooking methods that would otherwise clutter up the book.

People who love to cook or who would like to learn to cook better will find this book a great addition to their library.

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52 Ways to Boost Your Business through Business Cards: Avoid the Business Card Pileup

Author: Rhonda L. Sher

Think of business cards as your secret weapon when it comes to marketing. Every day you hand out a business card, you are giving out your tiny brochure promoting without even realizing it.

Business cards come in all shapes, sizes and colors. When they have a powerful message and are presented in a way that is memorable, they can be a marketing tool that leaves a lasting impression. It is hard to imagine a marketing tool that is more portable, affordable and versatile than a business card that costs so little yet offers so much information.

A recent survey shows that 90% of all business cards end up in the trash can within a day. Fewer than 1% are kept 30 days. The information displayed on your business card can play a large role in determining whether your card is stashed or trashed.

Please remember that your business card in this digital age is not dead. There are no “dead spots” or internet outages, as with cell phones or computers. Use them at a remote fishing camp or at an industry conference in a mid-city hotel, or in situations where cell phones are restricted, such as on airplanes or in hospitals.

I See the World in Motion — including “Ballet Class”

Author: Madame Suzelle Poole (Author), John Choisser (Editor), Gregory Troik; Jonathan Poole; Suzelle Poole (Illustrator)

Poet, Montessori Director, Ballet Instructor, and Ballet Performer Madame Suzelle Poole has compiled some of her favourite poems for children into this new book. The book includes an audio CD on which Madame Poole narrates each poem in her flawless, clear, and charming voice. Drawings by the children, as well as original art by Madame Poole and her husband Johathan Poole illustrate many of the poems.

Modern Electromedicine Volume 1

Author: Dr. Peter H. Lathrop, Ph.D.

This two-volume work is the first and only complete description of the use of tiny electronic signals for the treatment of neuromuscular injuries, including neck and back pain, rotator and ACL tears, carpal tunnel and the rapid repair of traumatic injuries. The book covers the underlying principles of neurophysiology, cell function and dysfunction, and a compete discussion of the electro-chemical process that governs our every movement and function. Finally, this book describes in detail the implementation and the techniques used in diagnosis and treatment of injury using up-to-date electro-therapy. The SCENAR, which is the most useful tool for the application of this technology, is described in detail. Use of the SCENAR in many applications is described, along with results obtained from its use. The two volumes consist of 451 and 417 pages, with full color pictures and illustrations in a soft cover 6 x 9 inch format.

Modern Electromedicine Volume 2

Author: Dr. Peter H. Lathrop, Ph.D.

This two-volume work is the first and only complete description of the use of tiny electronic signals for the treatment of neuromuscular injuries, including neck and back pain, rotator and ACL tears, carpal tunnel and the rapid repair of traumatic injuries. The book covers the underlying principles of neurophysiology, cell function and dysfunction, and a compete discussion of the electro-chemical process that governs our every movement and function. Finally, this book describes in detail the implementation and the techniques used in diagnosis and treatment of injury using up-to-date electro-therapy. The SCENAR, which is the most useful tool for the application of this technology, is described in detail. Use of the SCENAR in many applications is described, along with results obtained from its use. The two volumes consist of 451 and 417 pages, with full color pictures and illustrations in a soft cover 6 x 9 inch format.

The Science of SCENAR: Self Controlled Energic Neuroadaptive Regulator: Using Modern Electromedicine to Stop Pain, Repair Injuries, and Regenerate Spinal Cords

Author: Dr. Peter H. Lathrop, Ph.D.

The SCENAR, which stands for Self Controlled Energic Neuroadaptive Regulator, is an FDA approved electronic medical device which uses its bio-feedback mechanism to find the injury, measure it, receive feedback from it, and send a signal back to the injury to correct it. This book is for those planning to use the SCENAR for the treatment of neuromuscular injuries, including neck and back pain, rotator and ACL tears, carpal tunnel, and the rapid repair of traumatic injuries. The book covers the underlying principles of neurophysiology, cell function and dysfunction, and a discussion of the electro-chemical process that governs our every movement and function. Finally, this book describes in detail the implementation and the techniques used in diagnosis and treatment of injury using the SCENAR.


Author: Madame Suzelle Poole (Author), Shannon Smith (Illustrator)

In 1935, the author’s grandfather was a horse whisperer before that term was invented. Madame Poole wrote this wonderful poem about him and a horse named Rodosto.

This poem was one of the favorites of her many young students at her Montessori academy.

The book includes a CD, whereon Madame Poole recites the poem as young readers read the words and look at the drawings.

Kitten with CD

Author: Madame Suzelle Poole

This book is a collection of eight poems about animals. The book was written for little children, between the ages of 2 1/2 to 7. This version of the book includes a CD, on which the author reads the poems in her own delightful voice, with perfect diction.

These poems are some of the ones Madame Poole wrote for her children when she was a Montessori Directress.

After years of happy children saying, reading and learning from her poems, Madame Poole realized that they could be of general use in classrooms and homes.


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